The July Issue

This is going to be epic!

The night’s challenge will be a very simple challenge... Nothing fussy, nothing fancy and will they be just a little bit impressed? You betcha!
He’s a former MasterChef New Zealand judge, a renowned restaurateur, an architect of stocks and seasonings, purveyor of top quality artisan foods, but did you also know Ōmārama holds a special place in Simon Gault's heart?
Simon's dad, Bryan, was a former RNZAF instructor and Air New Zealand training captain, and both his parents loved cooking. When he decided he wanted to be a pilot too, his dad insisted he...
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Inside July Issue

This is going to be epic!
Proposed Health Hub a step closer
Ōmārama School's growing enterprise
For $3,000, could you do better than that?
Generator-ing goodwill
Council catch-up June 2024:
*Unspent Better Off funding reallocated
*Rates set for 2024-2025

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