The February Issue

Community goes to mayor for answers

Projects are planned for improvements at the Ōmārama Community Centre 'hub' but there are questions over who will pay for what and how. Ōmārama Residents' Association volunteers had been completing these under their own steam through various fundraising efforts and grant applications. The most recent of these was a basketball half court and the Ōmārama mural. In October, they were approached by Waitaki District Council staff who said $225K was available for projects which met the Ōmārama Masterplan criteria. However, detail was scarce. Nevertheless, council staff pushed on encouraging the volunteers to... >>> continue reading <<<

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Community goes to mayor for answers
'Clarity' over $225K project spend questioned: The snapshot
The long read: Part one; Has the association's playground project been hijacked?
Part two; How will the $225K Better-off funds be managed?
Part three; What progress on the Rabbit Board land disposal?
Trail Journeys expands north
Soaring dreams made good at camp
Airfield subdivision has lift off
Moving houses Ōmārama-style

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